Cold Finish C1018 Round Bar

1018 Cold Finish bar is a low carbon general purpose steel. It is one of the most abundantly available metal grades. This metal can easily be formed, machined and welded. One of the more important alloying elements is magnesium which makes this steel ideal for carburized parts since it develops a harder and more uniform case. This metal is formed by cold drawing through dies to the required size. It has a tensile strength of 64,000 psi, yield strength of 54,000 psi and an elongation of 15% in 2?. The metal is commonly used in a variety of products like gears, shafts, spindles, king pins, chain pins, ratchets, etc.

Sizes from 1/16″ – 12″ (20′ lengths from 3/16″ and above, 12′ from 1/16 – 1/8″)

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