Stainless Steel Rebar (Grade 316)

Stainless Type 316 is a standard molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel grade. It is austenitic, nonmagnetic, and thermally non hardenable. The alloying element of molybdenum gives type 316 more corrosion resistance than steel and iron or even type 304 stainless steel. It is especially resistant to pitting and crevice corrosion in chemical, salt and acidic environments. As a result of these characteristics it is more resistant to marine environment. It has great welding and forming characteristics. The austenitic structure of this steel gives it excellent toughness. Stainless 316 has a tensile strength 80,000psi and elongation is 50%. Stainless steel type 316 comes in many different sizes and shapes including bar, angle, rounds, plate, channel and beams. This type of stainless steel is widely used where metal is exposed to harsh corrosive effects like those found in the textile, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. It is also used in the nuclear, aerospace and aviation industries.

Stainless Steel Rebar is manufactured to increase building safety and to prolong the life of the structure. Stainless Steel Rebar is projected to have a useful life of 75 years compared to 20 years for carbon steel.


  • Long Term Cost Advantage:
    Structures built with Stainless Steel Rebar require little or no maintenance over
    their lifetime due to its long lasting resistance to corrosion
  • Anti-Earthquake Properties:
    Stainless Steel Rebar offers not only superior mechanical characteristics and durability but also the safety conditions fundamental for a material in which anti-earthquake properties are required.
  • Resistance To Corrosion In Concrete:
    Stainless Steel Rebar shows a considerably higher resistance to different pH in concrete
  • Stainless Steel and Mild Steel:
    Stainless Steel Rebar can be used with mild steel by simply joining or welding.
  • Stability At Low And High Temperatures:
    Low Temperature
    Stainless Steel Rebar being an austenitic stainless steel can be used successfully in frost and cold environments which cause cracking and splitting from the steel beneath.
    High Temperature
    Stainless Steel Rebar being an austenitic stainless steel has superior resistance to heat at elevated temperatures.
  • Magnetic Properties:
    Stainless Steel Rebar?s low magnetic permeability makes it suitable for use in projects that can be affected by disturbances in electromagnetic fields created from sources other than those directly required by the project itself. These include hospitals, radio and television stations, banks and submarine docks.

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Sizes from 10mm – 25mm (20′, 39′)

SST-304 10MM-#3 – 25MM -#8 (20’R/L Lengths)
SST-316 10MM-# – 255MM-#8 (20’R/L Lengths)

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