Hot Roll Plate – A-572 GR 50

A572 GR 50 is a high strength low alloy steel. Grade 50 is difficult to form since it contains more alloying elements than plain steel, but offers more strength per unit of weight. Because of its high strength it requires less material to satisfy strength requirements than plain carbon steel. A572 Gr50 has a yield strength 50,000 psi minimum, tensile strength of 65,000, and elongation of 19% in 2?. This material is easily welded using commercial methods. Due to the alloy elements of the metal its atmospheric corrosion resistance is increased. Additionally, it is considered a ?workhorse? grade because of its strength to weight ratio and corrosion resistance. A572 is commonly used in cranes, truck frames, building structures, construction, bridges, liners and many more applications where a high strength per weight ratio is needed.

Sizes from 3/16″ – 6″ (96″ x 240″)

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