Hot Roll Plate – A-514

A514 is a type of high strength alloy steel which has been mill heat treated. It is roughly three times stronger than plain carbon steel. Quenched and Tempered to a tensile yield strength of 100,000 psi in up to 2.5?, 90,000 psi yield in up to 6? and at least 110,000 psi ultimate tensile strength. A514 has an elongation of 18% in 2? and 16% in over 2.5? thick. The primary purpose for this alloy is construction and places where strength and durability are key factors. It provides good formidability and toughness in a high strength low weight steel. Cranes, trailers, mining and hauling equipment all use A514 steel.

Sizes 3/16″ – 6″ (96″ x 240″)

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