Alloys – Stressproof

STRESSPROOF is a specialty steel produced by Naigara Lasalle in which a bar is drawn through a die under heavy draft and then stress relieved in a precisely controlled furnace. STRESSPROOF quality exceeds the normal industry standard of ASTM A311 with the controlled low stresses, reliable machining and improved surface quality. The whole mystique behind STRESSPROOF is simply that it provides longer part life with less manufacturing costs. STRESSPROOF was designed to meet, in one bar, the need for greater strength, elimination of heat treatment, better machinability and improved fatigue and wear resistance. It has a tensile strength of 115,000 psi, yield strength of 100,000 psi and an elongation of 8% minimum (7% above 2”). It is used in many applications including: Arbors, keyed shafts, spindles, gears, pinions, piston rods, sleeves, lead screws, racks, motor shafts, splined shafts, link pins, mandrels, boring bars, collets, bushings, drive shafts, armature shafts, rotary pump shafts, gusher pump shafts, kingpins, oil and water pump shafts, wrist pins.

Sizes from 1/2″ – 4 1/2″ (12′ lengths)

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