8620 Alloy Round Bar

Alloy 8620 is a hardenable chromium, molybdenum, nickel, low alloy carburizing steel developed for case-hardening. Through case-hardening it develops good wear characteristics. It has good forming qualities and may be welded using conventional welding methods. 8620 can be machines before carburizing and only finish machining after heat treatment of carburizing, usually limited to grinding. It has a tensile strength of 97,000PSI and yield strength of 57,000 PSI with elongation of 25%. 8620 also has good fatigue resistance. It is commonly used for carburized gears, pinions, shafts, bearings, piston rings, ring gears, crankshafts, etc.

Sizes from 3/4″ – 14″ (20′ lengths)

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